Letter From the President

Welcome to the Hunt Energy Horizons website, where you will find information regarding many different aspects of our organization—what we do and where we operate; our mission and our core values; and the latest company news concerning activities within the Hunt family of companies. You can also read about Hunt's operations throughout the world and our commitment to both the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Today, Hunt Energy Horizons is in the business of identifying, developing, constructing and operating new renewable energy projects. We are focused exclusively on power generation opportunities using proven and commercially viable technologies in markets with specific attributes that make renewable power generation projects economically attractive based on market fundamentals and minimal reliance on government subsidies.

Today, our company remains active within a number of Latin American markets with projects in development in Chile and Costa Rica. Our development approach is agnostic on technologies, provided the technologies are commercially viable and financeable on a project finance basis. We possess substantial experience in developing wind, solar photovoltaic and run-of-river hydroelectric technologies.

We encourage you to review our website, read about our exciting business and learn more about what we do. You'll find that we are in many ways unique, with philosophies that combine old-fashioned principles with modern thinking about emerging opportunities and markets. It is this varied mix of virtue and ingenuity that will enable us to continue fulfilling our vision to be an agile and innovative company dedicated to developing, building and operating profitable energy production businesses beyond Hunt's traditional oil and gas activities.

Clay Sell
Hunt Energy Horizons

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